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Every client is treated to the same service and effort. No matter the type of car you are looking to rent. What matters most is your satisfaction.

Short Term Vacation Rentals

Let us find you the best memorable short term vacation homes. If you are looking for a vacation home in town, or you have a home to rent short term, We would be more than happy to help!

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We help homeowners unlock profitable short and mid-term rentals. We are dedicated to crafting creative strategies to achieve win/win solutions for all of our homeowners.

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Let's work together and make great things happen!

We provide marketing services for home owners to help them unlock the short and mid-term rental profits in their homes. We also provide great hospitality with our rentals and take great care of all our assets from general car, home and event space maintenance, to ensure that you get the best rental service from us.

Our company takes all your worries away by using our experience, expertise and work ethic.

We take pride in providing memorable experiences, whether you are renting one of our cars, staying in our vacation homes or looking to unlock the short and mid-term rental profits in your home!

Did I mention we are a small company of really down to earth people that work really hard and take pride in providing over the top service to our clients and guests?

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Chukwuka Okeke - CEO, Chuspace Holdings Inc.

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Your New Vacation Space

Let's get your next vacation home for you today. Pack your bags and get ready to discover new adventure with maximum comfort.

“Chuspace Customer service is top class! My Flight was delayed and the driver just brought my car directly to me. Very cheerful and pleasant. I will rent again soon!”
Image alt goes here Vivian .O. Client
I have dealt with Nichole and her professionalism on a few occasions within the rental industry and have had nothing but great experiences, she worked hard for me and is always there with any questions I had. Can not wait to deal with Nichole again on my next home venture.
Image alt goes here Catherine H Client
“Nichole's house was so cozy and in good and safe neighbourhood. All the amenities were provided . House was very clean . Nichole was very responsive. Overall we had great time there .. I’m going to be recommending her to everyone !”
Image alt goes here Harpeet Guest
Nichole was nothing but an excellent host. From the time we exchanged pre-booking messages, to the time we checked out. Her response times are the best I have ever experienced. When it comes to the house, it was equally as great. From the open concept living area, to the tranquil backyard. This was a wonderful home, that friends & family should be able to really enjoy themselves at. Highly recommend booking with Nichole, at this great house!.
Image alt goes here Darcy Happy Renter
Nichole was very nice and communicated very well. The place was wonderful for our short family stay and Nichole was very thoughtful with making everything as seemless and easy for us as possible. We would recommend this to others.
Image alt goes here Gordon Happy Renter
Absolutely Amazing Service! Renting a car from Chuspace is very easy and fun. Beautiful and clean ride. Customer support is A++ and I will rent from Chuspace again soon..
Image alt goes here Alex B Life Coach | Mentor to Investors
Nichole is honest, knowlegeable, and very personal and takes pride in what she does and I really admire her energy and passion. She's great for staying on top of things and is always working in the best interest of her clients. I'd recommend Nichole to anyone who is looking for that host that goes the extra mile for her clients and look forward to working with her on my future real estate endeavors.
Image alt goes here David B Client
My wife and I rented our first house with Nichole, it was a great experience, Nichole was so great with all the questions we had for her, Nichole rented our place for top dollar. Amazing host I would recommend her to anyone and everyone
Image alt goes here Mark R Happy Client

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